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MMS Energy Pills

Everything in the universe vibrates at unique frequencies these vibrations are measured in Hertz which are cycles per second. Even a drinking glass vibrates if you look at it under a powerful microscope, if you have an even more powerful microscope you will see the particles of glass (sand) actually made up of trillions of atoms all vibrating, an even more powerful microscope will show these atoms have electrons and quarks that also vibrate, and an even more powerful microscope will show these are made up of vibrating strings (see quantum physics string theory), everything in the universe from an ant to a giraffe a drinking glass, carbon, a human the planets space dust etc is made of these vibrating strings. What differentiates a drinking glass from a Giraffe and from a cockroach and a human and an iron bar is the vibrational frequency measured in hertz of each of these subjects strings.

Now back to the drinking glass, if we vibrate the glass from its current hertz resonance higher and higher for instance an opera singer hitting the high note the strings in the glass vibrate at a faster rate and therefore the structure and resonance that makes the glass changes it expands and shatters. Vibrational frequency alters chemical and physical and energetic systems in everything including the human body. We get Vitamin D from the solar waves of the sun we don’t get it in a tablet or a liquid but a set measured hertz frequency, this frequency is intercepted by the body and the body interprets these into chemical changes which then makes physical changes to the body i.e. strengthening bones.

Tired old conventional pharmaceutical companies source to make chemical tablets and liquids to affect chemical changes in the body, these drugs are synthetic i.e. not recognised by the body and the body reacts to most of them as if they were a poison, however they will often work with the symptoms of illness but hardly ever the cause.

When you have a headache and take paracetomal it is not that your body has a deficit of paracetamol that you have a headache, the headache is a symptom perhaps of tension, allergy, hangover, fever, etc, the paracetamol creates a chemical reaction that affects a pain signal which is in effect an electrical or energetic signal, it turns the signal off, thereby ignoring the cause but tranquilising the symptom.

Energy medicine is a natural and healthy way of treating energetic imbalances in the body that correct chemical imbalance that cause illness and illness symptoms.

MMS a mixture of sodium chlorite and citric acid forming chlorine dioxide, is an all natural medicine used by millions of people, MMS, works by stealing 5 electrons from bacteria and pathogens like parasites causing mini explosions, i.e. a chemical reaction that changes the energetic frequency (just like the opera singer shattering the glass with a high pitch note).

MMS also kills virus but in a different way by attaching itself and stopping the intelligent virus of mutating and sexually maturing to be able to reproduce and it eventually it dies, again a chemical reaction that is replicable by frequency vibration. MMS has to be mixed and tastes awful and some people have fairly severe detox symptoms from taking it.

However the new MMS Frequency tablets are premade taste nice dissolve easily under the tongue and work purely by gentle frequency targeting the pathogens energetically to change their vibration so they can no longer survive.

MMS original liquid and MMS Frequency pills only attack pathogens bad bacteria, mutated or cancerous cells and never living cells, i.e. the MMS is entirely good for us but watch out the bad guys, MMS will also detoxify the body of heavy metals and other poisons through oxygenation of cells.

MMS Pills
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