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June 2009 MMS Newsletter

"There's nothing more important than good health"

Included in this edition:
* Recent testimonials
* Article on 'real' un-pasteurised milk
* Links that support good health, ours and others
* Send your MMS success story

Next month: How to make the best of MMS and different ways of using it.

Welcome to our MMS newsletter

I believe we are all part of this community, and since I became official distributor for MMS in England many of us have shared important, conversations.

We are linked by the common purpose of being courageous and responsible for our health, and sharing about MMS so that others can be well too.

I feel close to many of you, you have trusted me with your fears and your dreams and because it's impossible to keep in touch with everyone except for a card at Christmas, and there is so much to share, we discussed having a newsletter.

Eventually we decided to start it. We have James to thank for setting up the IT mechanics, and those who encouraged me to "get on with it" thank you too.

Send your 'stories of success' in, and we can all share them. Our stories are huge encouragement for others. We have some lovely testimonials this month. Let's hear your good news too.

Warm regards, Ann


Hi Ann,
I've just ordered another supply of MMS and I wanted to tell you that this has really changed my life.
After having suffered from Urticaria for over 20 years, and only taking MMS for about 6 months, I am now allergy free!
I've started using MMS sporadically at the moment because I'm running out and I wanted to conserve it, so there have been days that I haven't had it and even when I don't take it, it seems that all the Urticaria has gone. I'm ordering some more, so that I can always have it to hand. Thanks once again, Janice ( a confirmed MMS user)

Hi Ann, The vet diagnosed my dog with kidney failure and gave him just a few days to live. The blood tests she carried out led her to conclude that only a third of his kidneys were working. He was indeed very sick, we'd watched his decline for the past six months but it was only for two days prior to taking him to the vets that he was unable to walk or eat. The same day I emailed you, I ordered some mms, it took a couple of days to arrive during which time he continued to deteriorate. As soon as he began to take MMS we saw his conditions stabilise then deteriorate then stabilise again and this went on for a couple of weeks. There was some vomiting and runs during this time but gradually we saw his condition improve. It was a bit tricky getting the dosage up as he was nauseous most of the time and wasn't able to eat much. After 14 days there was a real improvement, he became alert, started eating meals again and asked to be taken for walks, which we obliged all be it very short ones. It's now seven weeks since he began taking the mms and here he is right next to me looking as though nothing happened. He is back to his normal walks, 3-5 miles twice a day and eating regular meals, his coat is shining and he looks 2 years younger. I give him a small maintenance dose each morning and night. This is all the more incredible when you consider that he is a thirteen year old dog!! All the best - Richard.

Hi Ann, I stopped taking MMS for a while to see if my back problem returned. When I started getting twinges, I took a good dose (10 drops) and all is well again. I am not using the physio bench at all, so it must be the MMS!

Hi Ann. I've now been taking MMS for two weeks, and it already
seems to help. I have woken up to go to the loo at least twice each night for as long as I can remember. For a week now I've slept through. It's a wonderful bonus. Thank you and Jim Humble, Jennie

Dear Ann, My psoriasis has cleared, I'm 45 years old and havnt dated or had relationships because I had this awful rash on my forehead and hairline. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I couldn't believe what happened. I had only got up to 8 drops twice a day and it was almost cleared, like magic. I'm still in shock. I feel younger and very happy, James.

Let's re-claim our right to choose!

Real Milk is alive and well in England. In fact, Real Milk in England is undergoing a minor revival in spite of - or perhaps thanks to - a challenge by the Labour Party.

What went to the hearts of the public was the fact that the democratic right to consume a chosen foodstuff was to be taken away from them. The old fears of TB had gone with universal testing and consumers were becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of unprocessed foodstuffs. Also, people were becoming aware of the increased vitamin content of raw milk, together with its unique ability to strengthen the immune system.

Full Article


There are two things that I do now that have made a difference to my life, health and well being. They are:

The Box Scheme - organic food delivered to my door free of charge. I don't carry heavy bags of shopping or spend as much time in the supermarket now. I save money because I don't buy unnecessary things.

Riverford Organic Vegetables

Distilled water - I bought a water distiller because friends used them and sang their praises. I saw the residue left in the bottom of the 'tank' and sent for one straight away.

I muscle tested different waters and distilled came out as the best for me. Distilled, Filter, Bottled then Tap. In that order.

Energise Your Life

See you in the next issue - How to make the best of MMS!

© Ann Cullen 2009