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July 2009 MMS Newsletter

Welcome to the Miracle Mineral Supplement Newsletter!

This issue:
  • Swine Flu.
  • Ways of administering MMS.
  • Testimonials.
  • Links - including The Fluoride Deception and Camelot Interview with Jim Humble

FREE gift for you ~ order an MMS pack during July, get a FREE DVD, 'Conversations with Jim Humble' included free with your order.

Next issue:
  • Fungal Infections and Candida.
  • MMS - the taste. MMS taken in capsule form.
  • Sugar. The good and the bad of it. Can sugar cause cancers?
  • Muscle testing and how to test yourself for toxins and what your body likes and doesn't want. An amazing insight into our connection with energy forces and how we can be responsible for our own well being.

Ann is Jim Humble's official representative in England.

Swine Flu

It would be negligent to ignore the Swine Flu problem and the importance of prevention. Building ourselves up now, while we have the opportunity and time before Autumn, shorter days and colder weather arrive.

Efforts to contain the Swine Flu virus are now abandoned.

Department of Health, Andy Burnham warned, at a recent conference, 100,000 people a day will go ill with Swine Flu by the end of August.

New Flu Variants are being reported on television and in newspapers with dire warnings that we may face a global pandemic. These new strains could spread rapidly from country to country. Five years ago the SARS Flu strain caused numerous deaths primarily among Chinese people. Later, in 2007 Bird Flu variants were tracked as they spread from country to country.

Unlike in America, here in England, we can still choose wether to have vaccinations and pharmaceuticals, or we can say no thank you, and choose to build our Immune System and eat healthily and repel flu because we are strong and in good heath.

For Water Purification and General Detoxification

Let the Miracle Mineral Solution MMS be your solution

Help clear your body of 'pathogens' without harming normal healthy cells

You have the power to build a new future for yourself and those you love, now

On the use of MMS as a Universal Flu Deterrent.

Miracle Mineral Solutions

* MMS is a germicidal agent capable of attacking and killing evolving Flu viruses. It operates without regard for the strain or variation that may evolve from time to time. This opinion is based on the chemistry and behavior of activated MMS when it is used according to the usual protocol.

Unlike antibiotics or vaccines, activated MMS (chlorine dioxide) is pathogen-cidal without regard to strains or evolving variants of Flu viruses.

The recent strain of Swine Flu, for example, is claimed to be new and different from any seen before. Unlike Bird Flu, or SARS, this virus attacks pigs, producing lung congestion that sometimes results in death (not always). Now, suddenly the virus began to spread to people who work with pigs and then it was observed to spread through the air from person to person. Within two weeks, over 1,000 people in Mexico were hospitalized with Swine Flu and 60 deaths were reported within the first two weeks following April 13. Then the virus spread quickly to the US and England where we have 13 deaths, and many people ill with this virus.

Ways of Using MMS

We monitor how MMS is used and the results for various problems. Opinions change according to results and input from users.

The recent change is as follows:

We have always known that MMS has a residue in the body for about 12 hours. What we now realise is that MMS is strongly active for just 2 to 3 hours. Therefore it may be more useful to take smaller doses regularly through the day.

For instance, 1st dose early morning on an empty stomach, then small doses of 2 or 3 drops every 2 or 3 hours during the day. If you want to take a larger dose and increase up to 15 drops, that large dose could the last dose, taken at night.

Citric Acid

Caution: Regarding Citric Acid:

It is unusual to experience any nausea when starting MMS with a one drop dose. If you experience nausea after taking the first one-drop dose of MMS, it's rare, but you may be allergic to citric acid at the 10% solution strength. To quickly stop the nausea, wait ten minutes, then counter it with a teaspoon of baking soda in water if the nausea persists eat an apple, if you can keep it down. Wait overnight, then try a one-drop dose again, but use unfiltered and un-pasteurized apple cider vinegar as the acid instead of citric acid.

It is very rare, but a few people are allergic to 10% citric acid in water, even though they may easily tolerate weak forms of it as in lemonade. The solution is to adopt unfiltered vinegar as the acid of choice, because, it is non-allergenic. Therefore try MMS again using unfiltered un-pasteurized vinegar as the activating acid and slowly ramp upward in the number of drops as is described in the normal process.

Six proven ways to move MMS into your body.

1. Drink it. Swallow activated MMS with any amount of water or juice flavouring added.

This is the most common method. Adding water or limited juice to the mix after the three minute wait enables you to drink the mixture. The amount of water matters very little provided that you drink it all - typically one half to a full glass of water. If you drink the entire amount you will get all of the MMS benefit. Diluted little or much it will still do the same cleansing within in your body.

After the three minute wait, when you add water or juice, no more chlorine dioxide is generated. It is locked into the water or juice. After drinking the mix with the water added, the ClO2 gas will circulate in the body for less than two hours as described above. Insignificant amounts of ClO2 are generated after the water is added, but not enough to consider.

You could repeat any MMS dose every two hours (or less) without harm provided you observe the temporary barriers created by diarrhoea or nausea. Important additional information is here: JimHumble.biz/biz-normal.htm.

2. You can spray activated MMS on skin anywhere.

It is effective against localized skin sores or diseases. The mixture must have a small amount of water added to make the liquid ready for spraying. It does not bleach hair and does not harm the skin. If you have open sores or cuts, it may cause sensations of burning but it promotes rapid germ-free closure of wounds. See jimhumble.biz/biz-skin.htm

3. MMS retention enemas are effective in cleansing intestinal walls.

They also cause the ClO2 to be absorbed and mixed with the plasma of the blood - the blood liquid. MMS benefits are more available to more parts of the body more quickly when the ClO2 is carried in the plasma. Further information is here:

4. Hot tub baths with activated MMS in the water expose the entire skin surface to ClO2 ions.

Add hot water continually while sitting in the tub. Skin pores open and the ClO2 ions pass deep below the skin and into muscles. Since blood is always present in muscles, the ClO2 ions merge into the plasma of the blood providing greater concentration of detoxifying action against parasites, yeast, fungus and other pathogens. Further information is here: JimHumble.biz/biz-enema.htm

5. Some people briefly breath the ClO2 gas into the nose, head, and sinuses.

DO NOT DEEPLY BREATH the ClO2 gas into the lungs
because of possible damage to the lungs and unexpected depletion of oxygen.

Sitting with your mouth or nose over a cup of activated 2 drop mixture (definitely no more than 4 drops), and with no water added, draw the odorous ClO2 gas into the nostrils or mouth. Approach this with caution. If it seems too strong move the cup further away or prepare a weaker mixture. This has proven effective in killing germs in the sinuses that are often the cause of post-nasal drip. One or two brief nasal breathing session have been reported to eliminate post-nasal drip after all other medicines had failed to stop it.

Caution: If you have any history of asthma, use low doses and stop immediately if you have any sensation of an asthma attack. Never exceed the 4 drop maximum. This method is effective in situations where sinuses, vocal cords, or ear infections are retaining germs or pathogens.

Remember, it is the ClO2 Ion - the gas that you can smell - that is the germicidal agent. Use a 2 to 4 drop dose activated with 5 drops of citric acid or vinegar for each drop of MMS that you use. There's no need to add water since you won't be drinking it. Germs live and thrive in MUCUS and PHLEHM. The odour of ClO2 can kill them and prevent further production of mucus.

CAUTION: DO NOT EXCEED the 4 drop maximum mixture and take periodic breaks often by breathing normal air to assure replenishment of oxygen to the lungs. You can always mix a second dose later if you want more time span. Bird cages and free-flying house birds should be kept in another room because of their sensitivity to various gases. HEED THESE CAUTIONS. You are responsible for avoiding harm to your lungs so avoid prolonged deep breathing of the ClO2 gas.

6. DMSO can sometimes be added to the MMS activated mix in special or life-threatening situations.

Special DMSO instructions are provided under the topic 'Life Threatening Diseases' at this address: JimHumble.biz/biz-life-threatening.htm

Always test yourself first with a small DMSO spot on your arm. People who have a damaged or weakened liver should reduce the use of DMSO if any aching or pain is felt in the liver area. Put 5 drops of MMS on your arm and rub it in. Wait for several hours. If there is no liver pain, you are probably safe in using DMSO.

One tablespoon of DMSO with two or more tablespoons of water can be taken internally by drinking it once or twice a day while fighting a severe disease. Normally use juice and dilute the DMSO much more. A 50-50 dilution will burn most people's throat. It's best to dilute DMSO with at least 2 parts water or juice to 1 part DMSO. Important additional DMSO information is at the Web address just above.

Caution One:
DO NOT ATTEMPT any experimental intravenous injections in your home.

There are health clinics that can administer such therapies. Seek qualified professionals who can take responsibility for proper dosage, administration, and predictable outcomes from any IV process. Health clinics may charge up to $100 per intravenous treatment. Intravenous provides about the same benefits as methods 4 and 5 above, but at a high cost.

Caution Two:
It is unnecessary to put activated MMS into a dehumidifier
or room fogger. People have written asking about this. They wanted to do it because ClO2 is a powerful deodorizer and air purifier. The proper way to rid a room of mould, odours, or germs is to set a 10 drop mix of activated MMS in the middle of a closed room in a cup or saucer and let the ClO2 arise out of the liquid naturally. Do not add any water. Do not exceed the 10 drop suggestion. It's more effective and safer to do several repeated room cleansings every hour than to release too much ClO2 at one time into a closed room.

The ClO2 gas is a powerful deodorizer and germicidal agent. Drifting through the air, it will eventually kill all germs in the air and in furniture fabrics. After about one hour, the ClO2 gas disappears. It deteriorates into two molecules of water vapour. Activated MMS can restore lawn chairs thought to be ruined by skunk spray. Scrub the MMS mixture into car carpets, smelly shoes, and under arms. Will the whole house start to smell like Chlorine? No. Not possible.

When using MMS as a room deodorizer or fungus eliminator, close the room doors and remove all pets and birds from the room for one or two hours.


I just wanted you to know that so far I've had amazing results with the MMS.
As a side-effect of my Crones disease I get inflammation of my major joints. Before taking the solution I had severe pain and swelling in my left hip and was actually walking with a limp.
Within two days of taking the MMS my hip felt better and now is perfectly fine. It could be coincidence but over the last 10 years I have had the joint problems I can't remember such a rapid recovery without the use of a steroid injection. I'm amazed!
I have had the bout of extreme tiredness and get nausea but so far so good. I'm currently on 16 drops. Really looking forward to seeing if this progress continues.
I have printed off the information for my granddad to read and am awaiting the video from you.
Best Wishes, Craig

With regards to MMS, just to report back, I am very pleased with the effects so far after taking a 2 week / 15 drops / twice a day course. There where 2 health concerns I was looking to treat, one of increased level of Candida and second Herpes breakouts. I have taken a test for Candida last week, there is no trace of it, the effects are truly amazing. Herpes, I have not had a breakout since I stop the course. I am very pleased with the results. In addition I see an improvement in my bowel movement. Thank you again very much for being there and for your assistance!
With best regards

Dear Ann,
Thanks for your newsletter. Here's my testimonial:
I have been taking MMS now for just under 4 months. I've followed various protocols outlined on Jim Humble's web site, as well as experimenting with the product. The enhancement of my
various body conditions across the board is quite amazing.
Prior to taking MMS, I had intermittent problems with sinus, nose congestion, (including polyps), and also a chest problem. These problems have either been eliminated or are diminished considerably.
I also have more energy, I sleep better, my teeth are brighter and whiter than before taking MMS. To my great surprise my eyesight has also improved.

MMS is an amazing product and I must say that it is such a relief to actually give a testimonial on a product that is so inexpensive and not a high priced item on a multi level marketing money making type scheme or similar.
I look forward to more and more people starting the MMS adventure so as to enhance their immune system and alleviate and/or eliminate any applicable body problems, (minor and/or severe). This will in turn decrease the usage of drugs that have known and unknown side effects, which, in the majority of cases, treat the symptoms but not the actual physical source of the problem.
All the best to you and well done on starting the Newsletter, Ray

Hi, I want to tell you that the soreness in my knees has gone completely, and in just a few days.
I'm swimming again and feel so much better, thank you MMS, Sally B.


There is a great interview with Jim Humble on project Camelot, do have a watch! Also if you are still using regular toothpaste, The Fluoride Deception is a must-see.

Another video, but this is just a bit of fun :)

There are two things that I do now that have made a difference to my life, health and well being. They are:

The Box Scheme - organic food delivered to my door free of charge. I don't carry heavy bags of shopping or spend as much time in the supermarket now. I save money because I don't buy unnecessary things.
Riverford Organic Vegetables

Distilled water - I bought a water distiller because friends used them and sang their praises. I saw the residue left in the bottom of the 'tank' and sent for one straight away.
I muscle tested different waters and distilled came out as the best for me. Distilled, Filter, Bottled then Tap. In that order.
Energise Your Life

See you in the next issue!

© Ann Cullen 2009