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Hi Ann, its been nice talking with you,over the last couple of days. I'd like to tell you about my experience thus far, my good friend Glynn and i (who ordered at the same time and will e-mail you also), decided to embark on a course of MMS after hearing about it from a mutual friend of ours. I was researching H2O2 recently when our friend contacted us via e-mail recommending mms, after researching this on line and downloading Jim Humbles book, it felt like the right time to make an order there and then.

Both packs arrived and Glynn and I began immediately!

I would like to say that after taking the second dose of one drop on the first day i noticed what i would describe as a Zingy, Fizzy kind of feeling, not alarming or unpleasant,and continued as normal. Day two I awoke feeling rather excited! and administered the next dose of 2 drops,it was a rather lovely sunny day as well, so i decided to take a walk to my parents house which you can take a footpath across country and through some woods,as i was walking through the woods I suddenly started to run, which reminded me of when i was a child,and would just have to run, because I felt so alive!

I'm now on day 6 and I,m still feeling great, one of the things I've noticed among many is how vibrant the colours of things are,my awareness has increased as have my energy levels.

Since I began taking MMS my friend Glynn and I have been in touch daily and discussed our experiences. I'll keep you posted via e-mail or phone,it would be good to share some feed back. Also I'm looking forward to when friends and family begin,I have however already started them.

Kind regards Keven

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I started taking MMS for general health benefits and within two weeks I realised the Arthritis had disappeared from my knees after being told a month earlier that I was looking at kneecap replacement in the next few years.

That's amazing.

Thank you, Cindy in Kent

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I just want you to know that so far I’ve had amazing results with the MMS. Since I began taking MMS for Candida something fantastic has happened. For years I have gone to the loo in the night at least twice a night and sometimes 3 times. It was tiring and I felt cheated of a good night’s sleep and tired. For over two weeks now I’ve slept through the night and I feel much better, rested and happy. I don’t wake up in the night to go to the loo any more, its wonderful and I want to say that for me MMS is really a miracle.

Just wanted you to know that so far I've had amazing results with the MMS.

As a side-effect of my Chrons disease I get inflammation of my major joints. Before taking the solution I had severe pain and swelling in my left hip and was actually walking with a limp.

Within two days of taking the MMS my hip felt better and now is perfectly fine. It could be coincidence but over the last 10 years I have had the joint problems I can’t remember such a rapid recovery without the use of a steroid injection. I'm amazed!

I have had a bout of extreme tiredness and got nausea but so far so good. I'm currently on 16 drops. Really looking forward to seeing if this progress continues.

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Dear Ann

I am amazed. I have been taking a “maintenance” dose of MMS, 6 drops twice a day to see if it would shift the sniffles I picked up from somewhere, and my back pain that I have been suffering from for over 10 years has cleared up, more or less.

I don’t know if this is due to the MMS, or just a coincidence (I don’t believe in coincidences).

I just thought you would be interested in this.

Thanks, David

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Thank you very much for the Christmas card, very kind of you!

As with regards to MMS, just to report back, I am very pleased with the effects so far after taking a 2 week / 15 drops / twice a day course.

There where 2 health concerns I was looking to treat, one of increased level of Candida and second Herpes breakouts. I have taken a test for Candida last week, there is no trace of it, and the effects are truly amazing. Herpes, I have not had a breakout since I stopped the course. I am very pleased with the results.

Hi neighbour, I came to you late at night in terrible pain with Cystitis. You gave me 6 drops of your MMS solution. Well I must say I woke up in the night thinking ‘my God, I am going to puke and die’, 8 hours laterp I woke up 80% better and never went to the doctor. Thanks a lot, Carol- visiting London from USA.

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Hi Ann,

The vet diagnosed my dog with kidney failure and gave him just a few days to live. The blood tests she carried out led her to conclude that only a third of his kidneys were working. He was indeed very sick, we’d watched his decline for the past six months but it was only for two days prior to taking him to the vets that he was unable to walk or eat.

The same day I emailed you I ordered some mms, it took a couple of days to arrive during which time he continued to deteriorate. As soon as he began to take mms we saw his conditions stabilise then deteriorate then stabilise again and this went on for a couple of weeks. There was some vomiting and runs during this time but gradually we saw his condition improve. It was a bit tricky getting the dosage up as he was nauseous most of the time and wasn’t able to eat too much.

After 14 days there was a real improvement, he became alert, started eating meals again and asked to be taken for walks which we obliged all be it very short ones. It’s now seven weeks since he began taking the mms and here he is right next to me looking as though nothing happened. He is back to his normal walks, 3-5 miles twice a day and eating regular meals, his coat is shining and he looks 2 years younger. I give him a small maintenance dose each morning and night. This is all the more incredible when you consider that he is a thirteen year old dog!!

All the best – Richard.

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Hi Ann,

I've just ordered another supply of MMS and I wanted to tell you that this has really changed my life.

After having suffered from Urticaria for over 20 years, and only taking MMS for about 6 months, I am now allergy free!

I've started using MMS sporadically at the moment because I'm running out and I wanted to conserve it, so there have been days that I haven't had it and even when I don't take it, it seems that all the Urticaria has gone. I'm ordering some more, so that I can always have it to hand.

Thanks once again, .Janice ( a confirmed MMS user)

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Hi Ann

I stopped taking MMS for a while to see if my back problem returned. When I started getting twinges, I took a good dose (10 drops) and all is well again. I am not using the physio bench at all, so it must be the MMS!


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Hi Ann. I've now been taking MMS for two weeks, and it already seems to help. I have woken up to go to the loo at least twice each night for as long as I can remember. For a week now I’ve slept through. It’s a wonderful bonus.

My psoriasis has cleared, I’m 45 years old and havnt dated or had relationships because I had this awful rash o my forehead and hairline. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I couldn’t believe what happened. I had only got up to 8 drops twice a day and it was almost cleared, like magic. I’m still in shock. I feel younger and very happy, James.

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